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With all of the award winning cruise lines at our fingertips, we can help you create your ideal Alaska cruise vacation.

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Let us plan your travel to Mexico to experience a nation rich in history, tradition, culture, and natural beauty.

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Hawaii is like no place on earth. Experience the Aloha Experience. We are your Hawaii experts.

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Sunset Travel Consulting is a full-service travel agency. Any destination is a possibility, of course, but our focus and passion are on locations that offer the warm sun and the sand between your toes including the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, cruising and domestic travel. Our goal is to bring you travel that YOU love. Exciting, fulfilling, awe-inspiring, meaningful and full of personal experiences that will leave you your own case of wanderlust.

Let's face it: travel is stressful! Not the part where you're lying on a beach in Barbados or exploring the Mayan ruins. It's the planning part that can make those other moments hardly worth the trouble. That's where we come in. You might be thinking why should use I use a Travel Agent? It's not unusual to hear a person say, "We didn't know travel agents still existed" or I've never thought about using a travel agent". In the age of internet and DIY bookings, the "traditional" concept of a travel agent is a bit outdated. Today's travel specialist is savvier, more knowledgeable, more specialized, and needed more than ever before! With the abundance of information available on the internet, the choices are overwhelming, and the reviews are daunting. How do you know you are making the right vacation choices for your much needed and well-earned time to relax? That's why we work hard you don't have to.


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